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Biomimetic Dentistry CE
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 7 reviews
by Robin P. Steely on Biomimetic Dentistry CE
Thanks, gentlemen for a great course.

After 32 years of technical dentistry training from the masters of our profession, this course changed my life. Having heard Pascal Magne 10 years ago, I changed some things. But until I got the science behind the changes and could see what was possible, my bonding and porcelain work was good at best. Now it is exceptional! I have always believed that people want as little dentistry as possible and if we can seal teeth effectively long term, money is saved, teeth are saved and lives are transformed. Anyone that has only their patients best interests in mind needs to understand and practice what Dr. Alleman and Dr. Nejad teach. Just go!

Thanks, gentlemen for a great course. Looking forward to seeing my patients at their best.

by Ramsin k Davoud on Biomimetic Dentistry CE
Excellent Course and Training

Excellent course and training. Both Dr. Nejad and Dr. Alleman did a fantastic job presenting the facts and research on biomemetic dentistry. It is a definite game changer for any dentist who is seeking to up their game on adhesive dentistry. Kudos to Dr. Nejad for his passion and commitment, at such an early age, to teaching and research in the field of biomemetic dentistry. Go Trojans!

by Bryan Schwartz on Biomimetic Dentistry CE

Exactly what I had been searching for.....I went out to CA not knowing much about Biomimetic Dentistry. I had been searching a better, less invasive, more effective way to make restorations last for my patients. The course has revolutionized composite/onlay restorations in my practice. The results continuously blow me away. Thank you Dr. Alleman and Dr. Nejad.

by Dr. Michelle Courtnay on Biomimetic Dentistry CE
Exceptional From Beginning To End!!

David Alleman is a vibrant and engaging speaker! His lecture was outstanding and has changed the way I think of composites. I am now applying much of his research-b ed philosophies in my daily dentistry. It was one of those continuing eduction lectures that has been educational from beginning to end, rather than taking home just a few tips!

by Matt Wright on Biomimetic Dentistry CE
The Grail

I was fortunate enough to hear Dave do a day lecture in New Zealand at the end of which I was so impressed with the content that I Flew to Arizona to complete the next available hands on course.

What I have learnt has revolutionized the use of posterior composites and E4D in my surgery.

Finding these guys and the knowledge that the impart has truly been for me like finding the dental version of the holy grail. If you think you know about using composites and still think enamel bonding is strongest then you need this course no matter where you live. A big thanks from all my patients

by Curtis Chan DDS on Biomimetic Dentistry CE
Biomimetric Dentistry - 6 Lessons

After practicing for over 25 years, always striving to be as "modern" and up-to-date on dental treatment modalities, I can truly say that this course totally hits the home run ! The teaching from the course will revolutionize your way of thinking, yet open up a who new way of thinking on how to best serve your patients. Plus with all the in depth scientific reseach and the hands on techniques sections of this course, the dentist who is searching for the best in tooth bonding techniques will only conclude that this is truly the way to practice dentiistry. What an eye opener and a revelation on how to perform dentistry at a totally higher level. My whole dental team is excited about our new restorative protocols and all my patients totally embrace this treatment philosophy. Thank You Dr. Alleman and Dr. Matt Nejad for your instruciton which has inspired me to changed my approached to dentistry. This will only bring more success to my practice.. Curtis Chan DDS / Del Mar, California

by Ramin Tabib on Biomimetic Dentistry CE
excellent course and instructor

I have to commend Dr's Nejad and Alleman for an amazing course. Dr. Nejad has a natural ability to teach and and has a an amazing knowledge and is incredibly adept at breaking down difficult concepts. This is a course that should be a priority for every restorative dentist. It is groundbreaking and it should be the standard of care.

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