Who invented biomimetic dentistry?

The principles of biomimetic dentistry were developed by researchers at prestigious universities in Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, The United States, and many other countries. Groundbreaking work by many top researchers in adhesive dentistry and restorative dentistry has contributed to the concepts and techniques which make up biomimetic dentistry. Officially, the first mention of “biomimetics” in the field dentistry is credited to Pascal Magne who really innovated the biomimetic dentistry concept and the biomimetic approach to restorative dentistry. Pascal authored the first textbook explaining the concepts of Biomimetic Dentistry (“Bonded Porcelain Restorations in the Anterior Dentition. A Biomimetic Approach.”) and he is regarded the as the father of biomimetic dentistry. Matt Nejad was trained by Pascal Magne and continues to work closely with Pascal Magne advancing concepts and techniques in biomimetic dentistry.

Matt Nejad About Matt Nejad

Dr. Nejad graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry with recognition for a record setting amount of fixed prosthodontic procedures completed. He was the youngest dentist to become a clinical instructor at USC, at the age of 26, and he has given lectures on Morphology and Occlusion (since 2010). He is a premiere educator in Biomimetic Dentistry, presenting at numerous conferences by invitation and providing continuing education courses for dentists. He also has a private practice in Beverly Hills, CA. He has been teaching dentists from around the world, how to improve their adhesive dentistry and provide conservative restorations with the biomimetic approach.

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