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Effect of Prepared Cavities on the Strength of Teeth

AUTHORS: T.D. Larson, W.H. Douglas, R.E. Geistfeld
YEAR: 1981
JOURNAL: Operative Dentistry

Summary: The force required to fracture teeth with either occlusal or MOD cavities was determined and compared with that required to fracture sound teeth. In all instances, teeth with cavity preparations were SIGNIFICANTLY weaker than sound teeth. The influential factor was the width of the occlusal portion of the cavity. This was of more influence in weakening the crown than the presence of boxes.

The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of occlusal cavities as well as MOD cavities on the strength of teeth and in both instances to compare the effect of cavities which are narrow occlusally (1/4 intercuspal distance) and those that are wide (1/3 the intercuspal distance).
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