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Bonded Porcelain Restorations In The Anterior Dentition – A Biomimetic Approach
Pascal Magne & Urs Belser

A must have for all Biomimetic Dentists

Today I want to take the time to talk about my mentor and dear friend Pascal Magne. In dental school, Pascal changed the way I see and practice dentistry. Every year, he continues to educate both dental students and established practitioners with his passion and enthusiasm for the finest dentistry. His research, education, and textbook have created the strong support for Biomimetic dentistry we see today, with an ever-growing group of dentists becoming trained every year. Respectfully, he has earned the title as the father of Biomimetic Dentistry. His textbook is going on its 12th year of publication as of 2014, every bit as valid today as the day it was written. With all the information provided in this this textbook, he is a mentor to all of us aspiring to do better dentistry.

There are no other textbooks like this in dentistry and every biomimetic dentist needs to have this on their bookshelf. A thorough appreciation of the intact tooth is central to any successful restorative technique and this book will help you realize this fundamental concept. We must accept that we can not improve on natures model and focus our attention on the best biomimetic dentistry possible.
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